Welcome to the ABQVEG Wiki Space!

What is ABQVEG?

ABQVEG is a vegetarian group located in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the United States of America. The group is hosted on meetup.com at ABQVEG. The group is largely social in nature, meeting monthly or even more often to have potlucks, vegetarian BBQs, restaurant outings, and occasionally events like Earthfest and VegFest.


The purpose of ABQVEG is to strengthen Albuquerque's vegetarian community through frequent fellowship. From this fellowship, friendships can form and also allow us to reach out to others in our community.


Membership to the group is obtained by signing up at our meetup.com site. Membership does not cost anything, as the organization relies on the generosity of its members (in the form of donations and other things). ABQVEG does not require its members to be vegetarian, but only require that while attending functions, only vegetarian food is eaten. Our group is good to join if you want to meet other vegetarians in Albuquerque and learn more about vegetarianism.

What is the Purpose of the ABQVEG wiki?

As you may have noticed, you can't really join the group from here, but can do so at ABQVEG. The wiki is intended to be a central place for members to post information and anyone who is interested to read. The members of ABQVEG frequently ask each other for recipes. We have a mailing list and a Facebook group, but a wiki space such as this one will provide a central place on the Internet where we can share this information with one another without a need for remembering to check our groups after we log into Facebook assuming we have a Facebook account or search back through our email for that recipe someone mailed a year and a half ago. We can put it all right here.

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